Wednesday, May 4

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Itäkeskus Station, 17:00


This morning I carried on from where Petra and Karin finished yesterday. I showed the class footage from Bob the Builder and the Teletubbies. We then looked at Tiswas and the power of mess. The students had never seen it, or indeed heard of it; and they were very impressed by its rule-breaking sloppiness. It was the first time they burst into animated chatter without prodding.

I had lunch with Mirko and Jutta in China Flavor to begin planning next year. Then Jutta and I went through the applications for students wishing to join us next year. There were less than we ideally wanted but they all looked reasonable.

Now I am on my way home. The first metro was going to Mellunmäki but I got it anyway and got off at Itäkeskus. Now I am here waiting for the Vuosari train so that I can travel the one final stop to get my bike.

When I get there I will walk round the garden and then go for a short walk through the woods.