Tuesday, May 10

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Outside Arcada, 16:00


It was very hot. I cycled to Puotila in a t-shirt and shorts. I just caught the metro, avoiding waiting for ten minutes.

I spent the morning with the Interactive Storytelling group, who began to create the storyworlds for their final pitch. After that I met with Josefin and Frida to look at the state of the presentations for the Theory of Game Design course. I realised that Mirko and I failed to offer advice or teaching on how to store all the files needed for a Premiere project so that they can be moved without becoming unlinked. The result? The whole set of fifteen movies live on Josefin’s portable drive, and can only be edited there. If they are moved they become unlinked and then require the movies and images to be relinked. Since these are not ordered in an easy-to-understand way this would be a very time-consuming task.

After a lunch of salad I handed in all my Dublin expenses; a process that inclded Maria reminding me how to use our new billing system, and smashing my Cadbury’s Creme Egg mug in the process. Monica gave me a dinky little mug with a vintage car in it to console me.

Now I am leaving the building and there is a mobile library that I have never seen before parked outside. I sit on the grass to look at it and somebody cycles past just as I decide to take a photograph. This constitutes my lucky break of the day.

In the evening I will go for a long walk that passes Prisma where I will bu milk, yogurts and salad. Later I will shower while Naa and Irma binge on a three-hour finale to the current series of Bachelor Suomi.