Wednesday, May 18

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Arcada, 9:00


Today is the day when we examine the applicants for next year’s degree course, and here are the crew waiting to stick labels onto the applicants so that they can be photographed and then later recognised. I am on the third floor corridor and they are all looking up at me for some reason. “They” are Corinne, Jutta, Johan and Monica, with Nikke standing behind them, camera in hand.

The day will go as these days do. I will invigilate the opening essay exam, with Corinne and Rasmus as my student helpers. I will talk to the students about Online Media. I will invigilate three shorter general knowledge tests, again with Rasmus and Corrine. I will mark the general knowledge tests. I will sit with Jutta trying to work out a sensible timetable for tomorrow. I will make an Evernote note with each student, their code number and photograph, and a space for us to make notes when we interview them tomorrow.

At lunchtime we will eat where the applicants can find us and ask questions if they want. This year they won’t want to. We will then eat ice creams in Jutta’s kleinbus, which Corinne and Rasmus are desperate to examine. Jutta will eat her ice cream while taking them on a guided tour.

At 19:30 I will leave for home through a very summery evening.