Thursday, May 19

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A303, Arcada, 17:20


Today was interview day. I arrived first and set up the room. I amended the Evernote note we use to include the detailed questions. If Evernote formatted stuff better I would have done it like a table so that we could just insert the answers. Maybe next year…

There is a new system in place this year which seems to be flexible everywhere it should be inflexible and everywhere where flexibility is needed. Or I am misunderstanding it. Or both.

By lunchtime we had interviewed six applicants and drunk two bottle of Pepsi, from the free stash that Pepsi gave us in lieu of some excellent presentations from Year 3. We walked to K-Market to buy assemble-yourself fresh salads, which you pay for by the weight. I underestimated the weight of tuna and stupidly poured the dressing over before weighing it. I am a novice.

In the afternoon we interviewed six more applicants. Every interview ended with the applicant being given two cups, one spoon and one plate, and invited to describe three games or entertainments they could devise with these to amuse two six year olds. Depending on the applicant, and the atmosphere in the room by the end of the interview, this produced hilarity or silence.

The final interview is over and I am tidying up the room, or attempting to. In trying to pick up my iPad and the cups and plates I end up in a position where I have to to choose which to hold onto and which to drop. The paper crockery is all over the floor and I am photographing it with the iPad. This, I believe, was the correct choice.

Jutta and I will compare our notes and draw up a scorecard. I will write it out and mail it to Fred.

I will be home by 19:00.