Friday, May 20

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Hameentie, 12:30


Yesterday Jutta and I decided to spend today catching up with the various small things that have been lying around waiting to be done. I made a schedule for today in Informant, that had tasks every half hour, more or less. They started at 8:30 with some reading and I was at Arcada by 10:00 when the work-based tasks kicked in.

By midday I had organised Monday’s pitching, and dealt with the replies from YLE saying that two of the three judges couldn’t come because of meetings. I decided that the business of making a timed task list for the day – something I was reminded of by a recent article on Medium which I seem to have started reading – was working.

The next thing on my task list is walking to the library to collect the two Cluster cds I requested. I have been listening to Japan Live over the last week, and I decided to listen to more. I am walking fast and I am thinking about one of yesterday’s interviewees explaining that she “was an artist” and had just emabrked upon an original project. She is taking and uploading a photograph every day for 100 days. I turned my head before she saw my eyes roll.

I am looking for something to photograph for what is probably my two thousand and somethingth daily online photo and I notice the line of trees lining the tram lines. A tram has passed and so I am safe. I stand in the middle and it is impressive. For obvious reasons, to do with the fact that I don’t spend a lot of time standing on tramlines, I have never noticed it before.

I will get to the libray, pick up the cds, and walk back even faster. I will print out something for Naa, write some notes for Nathalie and then discuss them over a lunch of poached whitefish, mail Tomas and Liisa, coordinate all my notes about Scrivener, and do my weekly backup.

The sun will be up and the sky will be bright blue when I leave for the weekend.