Wednesday, May 25

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Arabia shoreline, 12:30


There is more to crafting an html email newsletter than you might think. Or than I might think, at any rate. I spent much of the morning finding this out, as I created an html email for next week’s Retrospective event. Once I had done this I turned my attention to the business of sending it through Outlook, and discovered that this was an entirely different, and potentially unpleasant, task. I mailed the Communications department asking of they would like to send the mail.

I happily accepted the suggestion that we leave the building for a lunchtime walk. Jutta and I are walking along the shoreline again and I am pausing to watch the waves lapping on some stones. They are making authentic wave-on-stone sounds, and I am momentarily surprised that I don’t come down here every day. Perhaps I should.

We will walk further along the shore than we did yesterday, and then cut back along the path that runs alongside the apartment blocks.
In the afternoon we will have a long meeting with Fred and Mirko to look at next year’s teaching schedules. We will look at the possible options and Fred will decide to leave the decisions to Nathalie.

Since I got home late yesterday afternoon I will get home early today. I will sit in the garden with Sunshine thinking about writing, and making plans for writing in the summer, while Irma goes to Stockmann.