Thursday, May 25

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Arabian Mall, 11:30


The last few days have been brilliant sunshine. This morning was overcast and felt as though rain might be imminent. I cycled to Puotila before it started.

I have been playing with Scrivo on my iPad and liking it, and reading about the possibilities inherent in Scrivener, other than using it to write a novel. I was especially interested in the idea of using it as a way of organising the writing in a website. I decided to experiment with this.

I spent an hour or so in the morning reading about this and finally downloading a template. I spent another hour reading and playing (research, I think we call it) and then set up a Scrivener project in which I wrote this. The project is based on a template that I downloaded from Jennifer Matten’s AllIndieWriters site. I went through it and changed some of it to suit exactly what I am doing.

I can immediately see why this might be preferable to using a mixture of applications including iA Writer, Wordpad and WordPress itself. Without Scrivo, I would not have been interested. With it, and with the promised appearance soon of an official iPad version of Scrivener, I am completely convinced.

While all this was going on the legendary Camie Lindeberg was in A303 judging presentations from Year 3. They were all suitably impressed.

Camie, Jutta, Nathalie and I all went to China Flavor for lunch. Camie suggested that I brighten up my rather bland soup with the chilli paste, and so I spent most of lunch silent with tears rolling down my cheeks and my mouth burning. Buffet completed, we are on our way back to Arcada, where Camie will lead a second session with the first year, and I will turn my attention to other matters.

I will end the working day with two Skype calls. The first will involve Jake and I discussing the plans for my appearance in Sheffield in June. The second will involve Andrew and I chatting with Mary and Jurgen in Limerick about the Pixelache network and the roles they might play in it.

Naa had her university entrance exam today. In the evening, Irma will join Jana and Päivi at Naa’s apartment for an all-female celebration and housewarming party.