Monday, April 16

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Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, 12:20

I got up and took Auo to school, before spending an hour or two at Arcada tidying up my business and packing my rucksack. Irma has a free day today and collected Jutta and me to take us to the airport, which was very nice of her and much better than getting a tram and a bus.

Now we are at Gate 12, waiting for a flight to Copenhagen, which will leave us spending three hours in the Diners Club lounge before getting a plane to Dublin. The lounge will score 3 out of 5, being adequate and functional but much better than sitting in the shopping mall that forms the rest of the airport.

Helsinki is the 2012 Design Capital and there is a small exhibition hall by the gate. There is a collection of designer seats and slogans, with only a few people actually venturing to sit in them.

When we get to Dublin we will find that the airport bus has been modernised, and the route from the airport has been modernised to fit in. We will get to the Townhouse, have a meal in O’Shea’s, the pub over the road, and go to bed early. I will wake in the middle of the night and watch three quarters of an Australian cop show whose name I will never know, about a tragic and badly acted school bullying.