Friday, May 27

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Vartiokyläntie, 18:45


I spent a day at Arcada performing many unrelated tasks in rapid succession, as I tried to clear up old business, and start new balls rolling.

I booked my trains to and from Sheffield for the trip to Access Space next week. I send out notices about the event to various people on Facebook and elsewhere. I checked about my expenses from Limerick which should be paid next Thursday. I created a new Slack Team for Pixelache Network, which Andrew and I will oversee. I made a poster-style entry about next week’s Retrospective event for Arcada’s intra channel. This meant un-making the email newsletter that I had made yesterday and completely recasting it as an entry in intra, using inline styles. Oh no, the purist in me said.

In the afternoon I moved the proofread chapters of Community, Art and the State from iA Writer to Scrivo, and from there to Scrivener on the laptop. I now have a perfectly synced system that will let me write, edit and proofread on the iPad and the laptop. What’s more the whole process was so simple and painless that I proofread another three chapters, leaving only two to go.

Now I have been back home and I am on a short walk to take our waste paper to the paper rubbish. I am standing by the rubbish container looking at the road and watching a car pass by. There is nothing much to see or photograph here, but it is such a typical view that I decide to photograph it anyway. It is almost content-free but in five hundred years time it may interest a few social historians.

Soon we will go to Prisma where we will meet Naa. It will be so hot that we will buy a cider specifically to sit in the garden feeling summery with a cider in our hands.