Sunday, May 29

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World Village, 15:30


Yesterday I froze at World Village, and today I have promised to join Naa there. I decide that I won’t be fooled again.

I left the house at 13:15 to meet Naa in the centre. I wore long trousers and a very thick cardigan as I set out under cloudy skies. By the time I had met Naa and we had left the station area the weather had changed completely. The sky had turned bright blue, the temperature had risen dramatically, and I was uncomfortably hot. I had been fooled again!

We wandered around looking for Päivi, and then just looking at stalls. Naa bought the first of her afternoon snacks, and I wandered over to look at the arena. We met up again later and found Päivi. Naa was carrying more samosas when we met and I had one. It was delicious.

I am back at the arena where Looptroop Rockers are performing. They are Swedish rappers and the term “Swedish rappers” probably tells you all you need to know about them. The area is not completely full and I notice that there is only one stage this year. In previous years there have been two, with acts alternating. This year there are periods of silence while the bands change over. There is a designated bar area which seems over-cautious since many people are wandering around the whole site with cans of beer in their hands.

When I return to the tent Päivi is working in she and Naa will decide to go for a meal. This will turn into an amusingly lengthy procedure as Päivi will fail to decide which nationality of food she actually wants. In the end the Cameroon will be declared the winner and they will both return to the tent with huge bowls of beans, rice, dumplings and more.

I will wait for the final act but remain unimpressed and leave. Naa will come with me and we will get the metro home. She will go home to get her bike and cycle to our place. I will take a bus. We will spend the evening in communal sheet-folding and ironing.

I will be red from the sun, have a shower, and go to bed early.