Monday, May 30

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Kalasatama, 16:15


Up early and out into a very sunny morning. The cycling felt good and I got there one minute before the train arrived – and caught it.

I spent the morning doing a wide variety of things, many so trivial that I couldn’t remember them seconds after I completed them. Some were so trivial that I couldn’t remember them while I was doing them. Emails came and were answered. Messages were sent. Conversations were had.

At 13:15 we had a team meeting, which began with two students who had not turned up to do their final presentation for the Interactive Storytelling course presenting to the assembled team. This formed part of my new, improved way of dealing with those who don’t complete assignments on time. The presentation went well, and turned out to be much improved over the one they would have given last week. Everyone was happy, and the rest of the team learned a little about what students do in my courses.

At 14:30 Nathalie, Jutta and I had a separate meeting about our plans for the next three years.

Irma has a dinner with co-workers this evening and I am racing home to let Sunshine out or in, depending upon where it was when Irma left this morning. I am sitting on the metro passing the building works in Kalasatama, with the sun reflecting the works below ground-level into the sky. The buildings are going up very fast and they are being built around the cranes, which are getting trapped in the middle. I am listening to the Monkees new 50th anniversay album which turns out to be extraordinarily good. They sound like a sixties band without sounding old-fashioned, and the songs they have written and borrowed are uniformly catchy.

When I get home Sunshine will be waiting outside. The weather will be 18 degrees or more and, once he has eaten, he will sit outside next to me while I read in the swing-chair.