Friday, June 3

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sandholmsudden, 16:50


I started today later than usual, with a rapid 30 minute walk through the woods. I worked late at Arcada yesterday to free today for other things. Late in the morning we drove to Sundö.

When we got there I painted the floor of the new building while Irma sorted through the stuff we had removed. She cleared a lot of things we don’t need and piled them by the car. We started to mow but the mower we had inherited finally died after five metres of underpowered struggling.

We are suddenly very hungry and so we have driven to Benita’s. We are sitting eating sandwiches. Irma is drinking coffee and I am having my first summer beer. Now Irma is outside talking with Marita and I am on the beach looking back at the café.

It is early in the season and there are only three people on the terrace. We get in the car and drive back to Sundö for more cleaning.