Wednesday, June 8

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Gates of Dawn, Vilnius, 15:30


Christa was right. The fridge was the problem. Last night I unplugged it and I slept, undisturbed, until 8:20. Then I showered and went to breakfast where I ate three jellies.

We spent the morning having ideas. When I say this I am not being sarcastic. Eija has a magic formula. If you put the right people in a room for three days, pausing only to provide them with first class food, idea will happen – and they will be good ideas.

Just before lunch I leave the building and stand in the street looking at the church, or the sacred ornaments, or whayever. Hundreds of tourists can’t be wrong. Nuns ate mingling with the crowds telling them what they should be thinking.

How do I know! Nun encounter!

At 14:30 Erik, Eva-Lotta and I will get a taxi to the airport. They will fly to Copenhagen and I will fly to Kiev. Who is to say which of us is right…