Saturday, June 18

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Kitchen, 9:10


There is a new kind of meat substitute available called Gold and Green. It is “pullled oats” and made entirely from oats and beans. It is also very hard to get, because it is not yet being mass produced. Naa stayed with us last night and reminded me that I had been promising to get up and get some, and so I did. I woke up at 7:30, got dressed and cycled to Prisma. I was there at about 8:00 to discover, to my horror, that they actually open at 7:00. I thought I might already be too late, but it turned out that there was still some left.

When I came out of the shop the rain had started, and I had to go back in to read magazines for about forty minutes before emerging again into a drizzle light enough to cycle home in.

I have three packets: two nude and one with some flavouring.

I will go back to bed, and everyone will get up for brunch much later. Naa will go back to her apartment because Roosa is coming over to visit.

Between going back to bed and getting up again the weather will change from overcast and drizzly to the full-on storm that was promised. The trees will bend alarmingly and the rain will come down in torrents. We will drive to Stockmann to look at the sale and buy duvet covers and Pantone towels. Irritatingly the towels have the Pantone colour on the packaging but not on the towel. What is the point of that?

Irma will make a spicy rice based meal with the pulled oats and it will be delicious. And realistically chewy.