Saturday, June 25

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The woods, 18:20


Naa was with us and we all got up late and had a leisurely breakfast.

In the afternoon we went shopping and then to Naa’s apartment to collect some clothes for her journey tomorrow.

We spent some time gardening in the bright sunshine. Naa caught a bee on a plate. Then I went for a long walk.

I am finishing my walk by walking from Linnanherrantie through the woods to home. Instead of turning left at the end I walk straight on to look at the tennis court. For the second year in a row it is deserted and shows no sign of having been cleaned a prepared for summer. We used it one year when Auo and Naa were keen on tennis, but we could only use it a few times before we went to Pellinki, and it seemed a waste of money. On the other hand I would regret seeing it fall into disuse. The quiet thump of tennis balls in the evening was nice when it used to happen.

In the evening we will all go to bed early in preparation for tomorrow. I will go to bed too early and be unable to get to sleep, thus cleverly defeating the purpose of the exercise.