Sunday, June 26

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Helsinki airport, 6:40


We got up at 6:00, and set off for the airport. We had imagined it would be empty but we were completely wrong. It was packed with tourists leaving for their summer trips. Fortunately Naa only had hand luggage and so she slipped through the crowds to Security.

Naa is walking into the security area now, with a 2 minute waiting time promised. However it will actually take ten minutes to get through all the checking because she will be in line behind a group whose luggage all needs to be checked manually. In five hours or less she will be in Italy.

When we get home Irma and I will gather Sunshine and head for Pellinki.

We will mow the lawn, pull up bamboo, clean the house, and move things around. I will find that everything I am doing is reminding me very strongly that Auo is not here. Irma will suggest a place where we could put the trampoline and I will peevishly ask why we would bother.

It will go downhill from there.