Thursday, June 30

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Sundö, 10:10


I had a night of pandemonium. I woke almost once an hour – blame the cat – and each time I was in the middle of a maddening dream. In one I found myself esrly one morning at the top of Robert Fripp’s house. He knew who I was but wasn’t at all pleased to see me. He told me he had known of me less than two hours but had known from the beginning that I had an evil aura.

The members of King Crimson were sitting quietly, watching our interaction. They looked dispirited by it.

I got up about 8:30, feeling tired and sore. While I was eating my sandwiches Sunshine walked in very slowly and sat looking at its food. Then it had a small drink of eater and sat facing me. It made the “meh” sound which means it wants attention, and then gave a moaning howl that it made when it searched the house for Auo after she died. I called him to me but he just sat looking at me, so I got up and stroked its head. After a minute he turned and walked out of the building.

A second later I thought “Did Sunshine just say goodbye to me?”, and ran out to look for him. He was nowhere to be seen. Now I am down by the beach looking to see if he is here. He isn’t.

I will not see him for the rest of the day.

I will finish painting Naa’s room, clean it, and load the furniture back in. While I am doing this the weather will change drastically several times with stormy rain suddenly interrupting bright clear sun.

I will then clean the house and walk around the entire farm, looking for Sunshine everywhere I might conceivably find him. I will then disconsolately pull big weeds from the middle of the fruit bushes.

Irma will arrive from Helsinki and point out that there are a lot of tractors and agricultural machinery in use, and these have always scared Sunshine. We will agree that he might just be hiding.

By 23:00, when I can stay awake no longer, he will still be invisible. I will wake at 2:30 to find Irma letting him in. He will jump on the bed and sleep between us all night.