Friday, July 1

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Bjurböle Torg, 15:20


The day was bright and, in the morning, we did some arranging in Naa’s new room. At 12:45 we caught the ferry because today is the annual Seitlax loppis, where lots of the houses have yard sales.

This year seemed to have a lot less than the last few years. We did, however get a cupboard, a carpet, some cutlery for Naa, sheets and sunglasses, and two Julian Cope cds for 1€ each. We decided to carry on to Borgå to get some milk.

We couldn’t resist stopping at the Friday market in Bjurböle. We have bought a carrot-cake from the woman who makes the best carrot-cakes in the world, and I have just spotted this. It is a Mitsuoka ViewT, and it is for sale for 4000€. It is right-hand drive but still I am sorely tempted.

Later when I check online I will find that it is the car that started the fad for retro designed cars. It is “a modification of the Nissan March/Micra sold by the Japanese carmaker Mitsuoka, intended to resemble the 1963 Jaguar Mark 2. The line was launched in January 1993. It, along with Mitsuoka’s later Galue, encouraged larger Japanese manufacturers to produce retro-styled versions of their own cars such as the “Flying Pug” version of the Mitsubishi Pajero Junior.”

In Borgå we will walk and shop. When we get home Sunshine will follow us everywhere trying to make clear how happy he is to see us.