Sunday, July 3

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Sundo, 11:00


Sunshine and I slept peacefully through the night. He wanted to go out about 8:30 and this jogged me into getting up.

I put the hot water in the sauna, collected the newspaper, and had breakfast. Apart from Barnard passing once on his quadbike, the farm was completely silent. The weather was hot and I washed my hair and body in the sauna house while Sunshine wandered around the garden.

I am in the garden, clean and still wet looking at the bushes behind the summer kitchen. They seem to attract a whole hive of bees, and I take a lot of photographs of bees in mass action. They are so intent on their jobs that they take no notice of me at all, no matter how close I get.

There will be a brief summer shower. Once it has stopped I will spend a couple of hours painting one wall of the new hut. I will be interrupted by a sudden darkening of the sky, followed two minutes later by a major storm that will last a couple of hours. This will include fifteen minutes of thunder. Throughout all this Sunshine will be hiding somewhere.

I will decide to wait in the house for him, and I will wait until about 21:00 when he will finally arrive, making “I want food” noises. I will have spent the waiting time reading through mu unread New Scientist and Net issues on the Helsinki Library’s Zinio app.