Tuesday, July 5

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Sundo, 12:20


It has been raining on and off and, for the moment, it is off. I have been to check the boat, which needs to be emptied. I am now walking to the ferry to see what is on the noticeboard before collecting the newspaper on the way back.

These people presumably did not know, or remember, that there is no 12:15 ferry because that is one of the official pauses when the ferryman stops for tea and sandwiches.

In a few minutes I will race home as the rain starts again.

I will spend the afternoon putting eight new handles on the drawers of the cabinet Irma brought last week. All the drawers will have to be taken apart to do this, which is why it will take so long. The, when the rain slows to a summer drizzle, I will go and empty the boat.

Irma will take Naa to Borgå bus station at 19:00.