Wednesday, July 6

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Sandholmsudden, 17:30


Today we had new weather: high winds and hot, bright sun.

I changed the beds, cleaned the toilet, and checked the boat while Irma moved old windows and wood.

After breakfast I painted all of the remaining parts of Naa’s hut that can be reached without a ladder while listening to Bruce Cockburn. This took most of the afternoon, and served to remind me how much I like the Humans album and how good some of the You’ve Never Seen Everything album is, especially the title track..

At 16:45 we left for the first midweek market of the summer. The wind has died down and I am walking round the market stalls looking for what might have changed. This hut now sells delicious pies. I try several.

In an hour or so we will sit for awhile having a beer with Margit, Ville and his grandson Jacob before driving home via ferry detour to the shop at Tirmo. We will find Irma’s cousin’s daughter Elina working there.