Thursday, July 7

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Sandholmsudden, 15:30


We woke up to what I called “wet air”, which Irma said was a phrase Luke used to use. What I meant was that outside it was not exactly raining, but not exactly not raining either. Rather the air was wet without the wetness clustering into large enough drops to actually fall.

Whatever we choose to call this, it will effectively prevent me continuing to paint, or indeed doing any work outside at all. We delayed getting up, and then had a long brunch. I then washed my hair and stayed in the sauna house working with Scrivener and Notepad++ to get the ebook version of Community, Art & The State finished. I realised that I had made a strategic error. I added all of the links for the footnotes to the Scrivener chapters. It would have been much more efficient to add them in Notepad++ after I had exported the Scrivener markdown files as html documents.

I decided that I should write a workflow document when I have finished the whole process.

Irma has agreed to sell at the market this Saturday and she decided that we should set up the stall today while it was not raining. We have loaded the car with boxes of stuff and here we are at the hut. I have unloaded the car and wandered down to the shore while Irma sets everything up. The sky is grey and rain looks likely. The air is wet. I can see a solitary seagull sitting on a rock. Benita’s cafe is almost deserted.

When the stall is ready we will go to Benita’s just as a large family arrive from a boat. Then we will go to Erika’s shop where I will get a Margaret Millar novel from the bookswap.