Saturday, July 9

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Sandholmsudden, 10:30


Irma and I got up early because she had agreed to have a market stall today. We had set up the hut on Thursday evening and so we got to the market at 8:30. We had our usual market coffee and egg and anchovy sandwiches.

The sun was up early and bright. The woman from Porvoo who is sharing the hut arrived with her delicious pies and brownies. The market started, but there were less people than usual. A lot less, and those who were there seemd to be buying very little except small amounts of fish and vegetables.

I wandered around the market and noticed that there are now four kinds of fish cakes. I have also noticed that they appear to be disappearing slower than usual. Ricky Tillman is now selling fishcakes. I try one. They are perfectly acceptable.

I have walked down to the shore to see the boats. There are a lot of them. The sun is hot and a French couple are sitting with their children eating breakfast next to their parked motorhome. Marco Bjurström walks by.

In the afternoon Mika will suggest that we put the engine on the boat and try it out. Irma and I will speed out into the main channel and once we are inconveniently far from the bay the engine will stop. I will row back, discovering in the process how heavy the boat is. We will then try again, but this time we will remain in the bay. When I row back the second time it will be a lot less tiring.

In the evening, since the sun is still out, I will finish painting two sides of Naa’s new hut red.