Tuesday, July 12

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Sundo, 12:30


There are no end of weather combinations available in Sundö. This morning I woke at 8:00 to a new one. The sky was bright blue, the sun was already out, the air was hot, and the wind was impersonating a hurricane. Sunshine got me up to let him out and then refused to leave the building when he saw what was on offer.

I had breakfast and started to paint. I was determined to actually finish all the red painting today. I dipped my brush in the paint, stood on the ladder, lifted the brush up, and the wind blew all the paint off the brush and onto my face. The One Stooge got down and spent twenty minutes wiping all the paint out of his hair and off his face.

I picked up all the twigs and sticks that were being blown off the trees in the garden instead. Then I retreated indoors and did some cleaning and washing up.

Now I have walked down to the bay to check if the boat has been carried away in the wind. Here it is, still tethered, and bobbing up and down in the unusual waves. Normally the bay is placid but at the moment there are white peaks on the waves as they come in from the sea. And they are coming in continually.

In thirty minutes time I will attempt to paint again, and this time I will wear my ridiculous Hulk Hogan-style bandana head-dress. Sunshine will still be indoors, having failed to leave the house after several attempts.

After painting I will wash up and clean the house. Irma will arrive at about 20:00.