Thursday, July 14

YEAR:  2016 | Tags:  | |

Stor Pellinge, 12:45


We were up bright and early and now we are taking rubbish to the big bins at the far end of the island. We have stopped at Gunnell’s little serve-yourself roadside shop, where Irma is buying preserves for her other’s birthday present. The hut is small but full of interesting things, including homemade crisp bread and several unusual varieties of potatoes

I am looking at the fruit juices which are 11€ a bottle. I am thinking about how this is what things actually cost if you don’t make them on an industríal scale somewhere in the Baltic states and then transport them here.

When we get home I will start painting. The sun will come out and for four hours I will be doing acrobatics on ladders while Irma falls asleep sunbathing.

I will almost manage to get the house finished, and for the first time it will look like it is supposed to look. The white trimmings make all the difference. I will stop before doing the edges of the roof and the doors, because my right arm and shoulder start to hurt.