Friday, July 29

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Borgå, 15:00


The plan was simple. We would get up, have breakfast, pack the car, leave Sundö, and drive to Helsinki. It started well.
We got to Borgå and stopped at the library to return an assortment of books, cds and magazines. While there Irma mat a stranger and sold him two of our Monica Groop tickets, for which he was very grateful. We set off again and she decided to make one more brief stop to buy some chocolate from Brunberg.

Chocolate bought, we started the car and nothing happened. The starter motor or its modern equivalent had decided to give up. Several phone calls to the insurance company later, and we are waiting to be towed to Helsinki.

A state-of-the-art truck has arrived and the car is being loaded onto it. The driver is jolly and exudes confidence. Loading the car takes less than five minutes from his arrival.

The cat will join us in the cab and off we will go. We will begin by reversing out of this side street and into the main road. The truck has a great cockpit including screens showing the car.

The driver will suggest taking the car to Teboil and will then drive us home first so that we can unload it. He will then suggest that we stay home while he deals with the car.

I am happy and impressed.