Thursday, August 4

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Home, 11:30


Neither of us wanted sparkling wine at breakfast this morning, and neither of us wanted much breakfast.

The journey home was quick and uneventful. We stayed on the bus to Teboil and collected the car which has been mended and tested for the next year in one operation. Not only the starter motor but the exhaust pipe and one light needed replacing.

We are unpacking and showing Naa what we have found. I am looking at a packet of Russian Kosmostars breakfast cereal and a flyer for Burger King that I was given yesterday. The cost of a burger seems to be about the third of the price in Helsinki. I noticed this when I looked at Subway too, where the most expensive sandwich seemed to cost less that 3€. I also noticed that almost all the cereals were manufactured by Nestle, and there were almost no Kelloggs cereals on display at all.

I will go for a walk but five minutes after I leave the house it will begin raining very heavily. It will carry on for several hours.

I will ask Naa and she will say that the weather has been dry and sunny until we arrived.