Friday, August 5

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Hiihtomäentie 35, 11:10


Yesterday evening Irma noticed blood in the cat litter and booked a time with the vet. This is that time and we are sitting in Herttoniemi with Sunshine looking slightly concerned on an examination table. Mairi the vet is talking to us and explaining that she will anaesthetise him so that she can check for kidney stones, and other possible problems.

We will leave to order some flowers for Tarkku and then return to find Sunshine completely comatose in its travel box.

When we get home I will go for a long walk to try to work off some of the consequences of the trip to Russia, and when I get back the cat will still be comatose. Over the afternoon and evening he will wake up, stagger, collapse, and fall aslepp again a number of times. By 19:00 he will almost be normal.

Irma will go shopping while I will begin working with Scrivener on the e-book. I will make serious progress in using it the “right” way, and be happy for it.

The vet thinks that Sunshine has an infection but nothing more serious. We will find out for certain next week when the results of the blood tests come back.