Tuesday, August 16

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Rautatientori, 19:50


It was raining heavily in the morning so I left the house in my Indian monsoon coat, bought in Choudi in south Goa. Looking in the mirror I felt as though I was auditioning for a role in Suicide Squad 2.

The day was taken up with the second round of entrance exams. The process worked very smoothly, I marked the multiple choice questions while Affe and Jutta read the essays, and we had lists of interviewees hours earlier than we had anticipated.

I had expected to be late home but as it turned out the lateness was approximately twenty minutes. Irma wanted peace and quiet for a couple of hours, so I put my coat back on and headed for the city centre.

I have trawled through all the new books at the Academic Bookshop to see if there was anything I should read. I noted Susan Pinker’s The Village Effect and wondered where the computer books had disappeared to. Now I am out of the rain and in the metro station. The trains are running on the new timetable even though there is no reason for this yet because the new western metro failed to open on time.

There is no scheduled opening time anymore. On the way home I will wonder if this might be a metaphor for something.