Thursdya, August 18

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Verandah, 18:30


The morning was wet again, and cold enough that I abandoned shorts or cut-offs in favour of trousers.

I had meetings, made suggestions, emailed people and sat waiting patiently for a Nobanet skype meeting that never happened. At 11:40 I left for Arabia where I returned three Roy Harper cds before walking on to Dylan.

Samir and I spent three hours talking, firstly over salads at Dylan and then later in the café outside the library. We both felt that we were getting somewhere but I don’t think either of us quite knew what final shape our plans will take.

Sunshine had not returned by the time I left this morning and so I went straight home, opting to deal with the online course there. The cat finally decided it was time to go home at 17:10, during a momentary lull in the rain. Interestingly he was not even slightly wet.

Sunshine and I are at home and he is unhappy with the size of his meal. I am in the verandah checking my raincoat has dried while he complains in the kitchen. I am looking through the frosted glass wondering if I can tell if it is raining or not. I can, but only by turning sideways to look out of the window.

It isn’t.