Friday, August 19

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Happaniemenkatu, 15:10


No rain! As Irma slept I crept out into the dry and caught the 93.

I spent part of the morning dealing with irritating upgrade problems. Windows wanted to close to “finish an upgrade” and when it had restarted it wanted to close to “finish an upgrade”. I went outside and caught another Pokemon while the recursion sorted itself out. Then All-In-One Toolbar upgraded itself in Firefox and caused havoc. I ended up on Github reading through a lengthy thread before I found information that led me to a solution.

I spent the rest of the morning dealing with different aspects of the summer course.

In the afternoon I started writing a paper that will, hopefully double as a grant application and a conference speech. I kept getting interrupted and sidetracked and, in the end, I put it to one side. Instead I briefly explored compiling a pdf version of Community, Art and the State. The only issue involved putting a cover on it, and that took ten minutes to solve.

At 14:15 I left for a long afternoon of Pixelache meetings. They were taking place somewhere in Hakaniemi, at Agnieszka’s apartment.

I left Hakaniemi metro about fifteen minutes ago, and stopped at the market to buy some pies and a cake for the meeting. Now I am losing hope of ever finding the apartment. I have walked around at street level and now I have ascended into a place that seems ideal for a remake of Alphaville. I appear to be in a secret city with its own bars, shops, offices and, for all I know, laws and customs.

Certainly I am receiving strange looks as I wander the unnaturally wide walkways.

Suddenly I will stumble upon the entrance and scurry inside. The lift won’t arrive so I will walk up to the seventh floor. We will have a boatd meeting, a members’ meeting, and a discussion about updating Pixelache’s mission statement.

Samir and I will leave before the sauna, to have a drink in Talo and discuss our plans for exploring digital conviviality.