Monday, August 22

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Home, 19:25


It wasn’t exactly raining this morning but the air was definitely wet. I cycled to Puotila and when I got there I realised that I had left my phone on the bed. No Pokemon hunting today then.

I spent the morning in meetings. We had the first Media Team meeting of the academic year at 10:00 followed by a short meeting that I had called to make sure that all the projects in the CMS course will dovetail with the courses Jutta and Mirko are running. Then, with much fanfare, I opened Module 2 of the online Storytelling & Experience Design course.
The afternoon started with the first Kultur Möte of the academic year in which we learned how badly we were doing in 2008, according to the Ministry’s figures, and why this is important now. We left feeling inspired.

I returned upstairs to make a pdf version of Community, Art & the State. This took longer than I planned but it got done, and I ended up confident that I know how to use Scrivener to do this now. Next time it will take ten minutes.
I posted this and the epub version on the magnificently skeletal Dib Dib Dob site, and ran out of time before writing to the people who attended my workshop in Sheffield.

I would have said: it’s time to get working! I shall say this tomorrow instead.

I got home without getting wet and now I am home again after a long walk with an unnecessary umbrella, listening to Frank Zappa’s Strictly Genteel. Sunshine is sitting on the bed in a position that seems unique to him. I have not photographed him in motion. He has been sitting like this for ten minutes and will continue to sit like this for another ten.

He regularly adopts this position on the sofa too.