Tuesday, August 23

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Sundo, 15:30


I had long, complex dreams in the night which woke me up frequently, so that I remember parts of them. At one point I was in a meeting and challenged someone saying, “you don’t need those kind of sticks. If you grease a pig properly it will slide down the slope on its own.” This clinched the argument.

At 7:45 I left home in damp air and cycled to Puotila to catch the new, short metro. The metros are all short now because the new stations in Espoo only take short trains. The new stations were supposed to open this month but the opening has been delayed indefinitely due to “technical problems”. Nonetheless the trains have been shortened and put on a new timetable in readiness.

I spent the morning booking rooms for my courses in Period 4, which talk much diplomacy and negotiation. I still ended up running Social Media Analysis in all-day Friday sessions.

The planning over for the day and the meetings will soon begin. I have walked down the stairs, planning to go our for a short walk. I have carried on walking down to this window which is on the way to the car-park. I am looking out of it thinking that this could be the site of a controlled experiment next year. In 2013 I make sure to photograph one of the trees outside Arcada every month, but I had to stand outside to take the pictures and snow and parked cars meant that I was never in exactly the same place twice. Now this tree can be photographed from inside, and in any weather. Maybe I should do it again.
Or maybe I will forget all about it.

I will go for a lunchtime walk with Jutta, buy an avocado, and catch two pokemon.

In the afternoon I will have a meeting with Andrej, Jutta and Mirko, followed by a meting with Liisa. Lots of things will be decided. Then Jutta, Liisa and I will have a meeting with Nathalie, Tomas, Maria and Elisabeth.

The sun will be out and at 16:50 I will leave to meet Irma in Töölö. I will catch a couple of Pokemon while waiting for her to arrive. We will stop at Puotile on the way home, so I can get out of the car and get my bike. I will discover that Puotila bike shelter is a Pokestop.

I think I may be getting sucked in.