Saturday, August 27

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Sundo, 14:30


We got up late, had breakfast, and drove to Sundö, stopping in Porvoo on the way. We were half-wishing that we had carried out our original plan and gone to Sundö yesterday evening.

When we arrived that rapidly began to change. The sun was out, the weather was warm, but the wind was approaching storm level. The trees were bending ominously and the noise was loud and continuous.

I have walked down to the bay to see how the boat is doing. The water is as high as I have ever seen it and there are proper waves crashing into the jetty. Two people that I don’t know are standing waiting for a boat to arrive and collect them. Our boat is full of water and the floor panels are floating. The sun makes it all look like a summer’s day.

Soon we will go to the village shop, to Gunnel’s kiosk and to Ann-Maj’s to pick tomatoes. On the way back a fallen tree will be almost blocking the road, and several other fallen trees will be on or near the road.
I will bail out the boat while the wind throws the water back at me.

We will leave early because we suspect that the ferry may stop running. The sea is rough but it goes. (Tomorrow it will stop running for most of the day because of the continuing storm.)