Sunday, August 28

YEAR:  2016 | Tags:  | |

Ruusulankatu, 16:00


We got up late and the storm had almost completely disappeared.

We have collected Naa from work and now we are visiting Irma’s father. I am looking out of the window at the bowling alley and apartments opposite, and the contrast between the late summer tree and the almost monochrome apartments. I am thinking, as I always do, that we should go bowling one day. Sadly neither Irma nor Naa share my enthusiasm.

When we get home Naa and I will pull sheets and then I will iron them. Irma will make food while Naa plays with Sunshine, and we will all eat.

Naa and I will go on a pokemon hunting walk and she will begin to get back into it. She started first but lost interest but now I am beating her she is interested again.