Wednesday, August 31

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Kalasatama, 8:35


This morning the sun was bright and the sky was blue and summer appeared to be making a surprise reappearance. I am at Kalasatama, having decided to get out and walk to Arcada in search of Pokemon. The building work continues and the paths will have changed again. Cyclists and pedestrians will negotiate with body language and hand signals as they pass through narrow passages that were not there last week.

I will spend the day preparing for Periods 1 and 2. I will also communicate with Bryan about the possibility of coming to Helsinki in November. Things are looking good.

I will get home early to deal with Sunshine because Irma has a workshop that doesn’t finish until mid-evening. When she arrives I will go out for a long walk to see if I can level up in Pokemon Go. I will manage to do that but I will also manage to defeat all the Pokemon in a gym for the first time ever. By the time I arrive home I will have been a gym defender in two gyms in Itis.

I will have sore legs and when I look at the Pokemon app it will tell me that I have walked 65.47 kilometres in the last eight days. This game is making me fit, or at least tired.