Friday, April 20

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Henry Street, Dublin, 16:30

Jutta and I had a final early breakfast and then she left for the airport. I felt as though I had a chill or flu and so I retreated to my room and tried to read.

I couldn’t decide what was me and what was the environment. Certainly the temperature seemed to have dropped about ten degrees and I was having to sit in my room with my cardigan and jacket on.

I left the Townhouse for a final lunch at O’Sheas to discover that it was raining very hard and there was a bleak, driving wind. Now I am out again doing my final shopping. I have been to Tesco and Boots, and I am walking back down Henry Street and about to cross O’Connell Street. The needle is in front of me. It is not raining as hard but the pavements are now very slippery.

Later I will check in online with no way of printing the ticket but with a perfectly viewable version on the iPad. I wait with some interest to see what happens.