Thursday, September 8

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Kalasatama metro, 08:10


I cycled to the metro station, noticed that it felt warm, and decided to walk rather than wait for the tram.

Pausing on the platform to put my earbuds in, I look down out of the window at the scene on the ground. I can see people negotiating the changing chaos. Cyclists pass by either side of the workmen as they decide for themselves which part constitutes road and which pavement. Pedestrians dodge and flinch. I decide to listen to Frank Ocean’s Blond one more time, press play, and walk down the steps to join the dodgers and flinchers.

I will pass by all the pokestops and gyms without a second glance as I walk quickly to Arcada. There I will spend the morning in the final session of Block 1 of the CMS course. I will announce that we will speed things up. Everyone has found working with a so simple (as indeed they should) that I will move the transition to a local installation from Block 5 right up to Block 2. We will move quicker and cover more. At the very least, the students who have already built Wordpress sites will stop feeling bored a lot sooner.

At 14:30 I will walk back to Kalasatama and into Suvilahti for the Pixelache board meeting. Only Agnieszka, Ilpo and I will attended, with Mikko fading in and out from Macedonia via Skype. We will work hard without distraction and manage to have lengthy and constructive discussions. We will pick our way through the confusions of the last seven or eight months and come up with a workable plan. We will decide to do it rather than wait for approval, inspired by John and Aggy’s rapid creation of the Temporary project.

I will get home at about 18:45, vacuum, and try to find the cat. Irma and Naa will arrive back from the theatre at about 20:00. Sunshine will arrive with them. I will give Naa the papers she had asked me to print out (the reading for her examination ofr Metropolia) and we will pull sheets. I will iron and go for a walk to get milk.

I will walk to and from Prisma and spend the time listening to a Michael Chapman album Savage Amusement that I have not listened to for years. I will like it, especially the long song on what we used to call side two.