Friday, September 9

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Hakaniemi, 16:50


Today I will play the part of Captain Active.

I began by cycling rapidly to the metro. For the first time since summer I found myself tucked in behind another cyclist and adjusted my speed to theirs. I halved my usual time and felt properly exercised.

In the morning I worked on various aspects of the convivial mechanics project. I rewrote a short piece about Peter Small’s virtual cafés, because I think they will provide us with a conceptual tool for creating a new version of the cultural democracy manifesto. I then began sketching out the structure of the main paper that Samir and I plan to write next week.

At 14:00 I went to the monthly Rector’s coffee where I talked with Lars about my presentation to the third year students next week. This will invite them to plan theses that contribute to the convivial mechanics project. Then I went back and set up a skeletal version of the website which I will finish Monday morning.

At 15:45 I found the Temporary building and dropped in to say hello. I got my chip and my first ten temps for entering the space. I sat and chatted for forty five minutes.

Entering Hakaniemi metro station seems very complicated because, like most places in Helsinki as far as I can see, it lies hidden behind major building works designed to renovate it. For a moment I stand lost outside the market hall wondering where I might locate a working entrance. In a moment I will work out where I left the metro when I arrived and head in that direction.

I will cycle home at the same speed as this morning, because it will feel like that kind of day!