Sunday, September 11

YEAR:  2016 |

Linnanherrantie, 12:45


We woke up early again, thanks to our decision to stop sitting in front of the television drinking cider or wine on Friday and Saturday evenings. We decided this last weekend out of boredom. The third episode of Dinner Date convinced us that we never wanted to see it again. Last night we watched one episode and confirmed what we had thought: we should unplug from the Saturday evening broadcasting system and rent a movie if we want audiovisual entertainment.

This morning we discovered that the weather felt like summer. We had breakfast outside and I noticed bees and butterflies flying round the garden. Irma pointed out new leaves on some of the plants. The unusual weather has left nature confused.

I leave for a forty five minute walk. Walking down Linnanherrantie I notice an old VW parked under some trees. I photograph it because I have decided that the VW Beetle serves as a simple and understandable analogy for the Fifty Year Computer project that Samir and I have discussed. Its seventy-year evolution makes some abstract ideas concrete in a powerful way.

I will spend the early afternoon sweeping autumn leaves in the summer heat. When Irma goes to collect Naa from work I will sit sunbathing, with my shirt off, thinking about my plans for and the meetings about it this week.

I will start cleaning moss off the shed roof from a ladder and when Naa arrives she will climb on the roof to do the top part. Irma will get the mower out and we will both notice a number of ladybirds active on the leaves, when they should already have died or hibernated, whichever ladybirds do. (I will check this online later and discover the existence of, a website dedicated to the life cycle and habits of ladybirds. Ho hum, I think.)

Before Naa goes home, Irma will make pasta, using the last of our pulled oats stuff, which none of us feel ecstatic about. It does have the texture of meat, to some extent, but the texture of a peculiarly slimy meat. Paulig have bought a large share in the company and soon every shop in Finland will stock Gold&Green. I remain dubious that it will flourish once it no longer has any scarcity value. I still feel that the fact you can hardly ever buy it remains its strongest selling point.