Saturday, April 21

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Copenhagen Airport, 13:10

I had my final Full Irish Breakfast and asked at the desk. I could print out my boarding pass for 1.50€ if I could get the computer to work. It wouldn’t accept the USB stick where I installed a copy of the pass, but I did eventually get Chrome to download and print out a new version. Then I got the Airport Express.

I was slightly puzzled. The bus stop and brochure clearly said that the journey takes approximately 60 minutes in off-peak periods. I stood at the stop at 8:10 slightly concerned that the 8:15 might be cutting it a bit fine, and found myself standing at security, with my luggage already checked in, at 8:40. Realising I was early I tried to find the Diners Club lounge. One claimed that I had the wrong combination of Diners Club card and boarding pass, whatever that means, and the other wanted to charge me 20€. I demurred.

Now I am changing at Copenhagen. I switched my phone back on and get a text message saying that Moonshine had been hit by a car and was not quite dead. I was more emotional than I expected, but a phone call home was slightly reassuring. It doesn’t have external injuries or missing limbs but it can’t walk.

On the flight to Helsinki I will find myself sitting right in front of Nicke Hallgren, on his way back from an electronics show in Las Vegas. At the airport I will find Irma and Auo, and at home I will find everyone in a very happy mood, and a cat that seems to be getting better by the minute.