Wednesday, September 14

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Temporary, 14:10


Irma woke some time after 5:00 to go to the airport because she will spend the next three days in Göteberg visiting youth projects, and her flight leaves at 7:00. I woke and stayed awake and got up about 7:00.

I did not mind this at all because I had some writing that I needed to do and I hooked up my iPad and keyboard and set to. Thanks to the wonder of Scrivener I had everything at my fingertips and by 11:00 I had written all that I needed to write, eaten a healthy breakfast, washed and shaved, and cycled to Puotila.

I answered more mails, administered some more administration, met at a meeting, and expressed several opinions.

At 13:15 I proposed a research project to the third year students as part of a plan by Lars to combine our need to do research with the students’ need to write theses. I talked about the Social Pooling idea and explained how it might work. When I finished I looked at a sea of faces all apparently hoping they wouldn’t have to ask a question.

At 14:15 I arrived at Temporary for my writing session with Samir. I notice that Marc Dusseiller Dusjagr, in the far corner of the room, has skinned a rat which hangs in a resting position, looking like a miniature sheepskin rug. The skinning forms part of the taxidermy open days that themselves form part of this year’s Pixelache festival. I forget to ask what happened to the rest of the rat.

Samir and I get more or less everything we need to do done, and I leave for home clearer in my mind about how we might proceed (and why people might give us money to do just that).

Sunshine will look puzzled when I arrive home because I usually arrive after Irma, which means after he has eaten. I will feed him and he will apparently find this acceptable.

In the evening I will explore iOS 10, which I downloaded yesterday evening, and read a little. I will go to bed early while Sunshine sleeps on Naa’s bed.

He will wake me in the middle of the night and I will not mind, because as I wake I will find myself asking a question: if Samir and I apply for a grant who will receive it?

This, I will decide as I go back to sleep, needs an answer.