Thursday, September 15

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A312, Arcada, 14:30


Autumn arrived in Helsinki this morning and it felt as though the temperature had dropped ten degrees. I left the house in long trousers and an autumn jacket, with my shirt tucked in.

I spent much of the morning dealing with the administration of student theses, and getting people into Lynda who should already have got in. At 13:15 I had a thesis tutorial and very rapidly the outline of a thesis emerged from two years’ worth of tangled notes. Voila!

Now everything has paused because Oskar will leave at the end of the week and we have cake to eat and speeches to hear. He has a studio of his own and he wants to devote all his time to that for the foreseeable future to try and get it off the ground. I would ask him much more about it but my mouth has a lot of cake in it.

After this I will finally get on to the main task of the day: setting up the virtual machine for the CMS course. I had planned to do this tomorrow but in the middle of the night I realised that this might leave me too little time to deal with possible catastrophes.

I will set it up and it will work. I will install DesktopServer and that will work. I will set up a Wordpress project and that will work. I will install phpStorm and point it to the Wordpress project and that will work. I will do all this on my laptop and by the time I leave for home I will have convinced myself that I should have adopted this as a development environment a long time ago.

Tomorrow I need to test it in the class where Dane suspects that I will need to adjust my thinking; and I suspect that he may have a point.

When I get home I will exchange WhatsApp messages with Irma in Goteberg and learn that Brum Brum from Pellinge hanged himself earlier this week. I will doubt that this surprised anybody but I will also think that he deserved better: from himself as much as from other people.