Saturday, September 17

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Pellinge, 11:50


Naa stayed last night and we all got up early to drive to Pellinki. We arrived about 10:15 and dropped some stuff at the house before driving on to the market. We did not arrive a moment too soon.

We expected the special autumn market to begin at 11:00 but people had begun buying fish before we had managed to park the car. We queued and bought enough fish to keep us supplied until Christmas. We got whitefish and smoked fish and fishcakes from Vikke and Nina, as well as a variety of cakes and delicacies from Marita. The stalls had begun to sell out well before the market had reached its official halfway stage.

By 11:30 the frenzy in the market has begun to die down. I can see Ann-Sofie serving potatoes in the brief lull before the second surge of customers begins to arrive. As the crowds start to finish with the fish stalls they begin to seek out vegetables and cakes before looking for souvenirs and keepsakes.

We will spend the afternoon in Sundö putting the summer house away for the winter. We will see all the hard work from this summer bearing fruit. We cleared away a lot of bits and pieces we had inherited and dumped some of the garden furniture that was rotten. We now have enough stuff to fill the spaces available and no more. We will clean and pack the house itself, and then put things in their allotted winter storage before stapling the outdoor kitchen shut. We will chat with Mika and Camilla and say goodbye to Eija-Stina who will not come to Sundö next year.

In the evening we will all notice that we feel shivery and have potential head colds. I will go to bed at 21:00.