Sunday, April 22

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The garden, 14:30

Yesterday evening Auo spent an hour or so talking with the neighbours whose house backs onto the woods. They saw Moonshine fighting off a fox, and our opinion now is that it wasn’t hit by a car but hurt itself falling off something after it had escaped the fox. It is giving the impression of something with bad bruises; walking slowly and gingerly and definitely limping with its front left leg.

Today we got up late to a bright, Spring day – just that kind we didn’t see once in Dublin. I am in the garden painting the garden furniture in bright colours. There are butterflies and ladybirds out, and I am watching two bees exploring every flower in the garden. The snow has almost completely gone. They are only a few small mounds left that look like styrofoam film props.

Later we will go to Prisma to get more paint and to Stockmann for the final day of the Spring Crazy Days to get the final bargains from the food hall.