Monday, September 26

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Vartionkyläntie, 19:10


Irma started a two-day Photoshop course at 8:30 this morning, so she left first. I waited for Sunshine to come in from its morning walk and decided to start writing at home. I sat at the table and wrote furiously, changing and adding to the grant application, which will also double as the text for a website and a speech to the conference in Riga.

Sunshine returned about 9:45. I fed him and put him in Naa’s room, then cycled to the station, got the train to Kalasatama and walked to Arcada. I spent the rest of the morning trying to work on the application through a barrage of interruptions and extraneous noise. By lunchtime I knew that staying at home had proved wise. I did at least get something done.

In the afternoon I sat through Filip explaining the wonders of the new version of Its Learning at the team meeting. He made a valiant attempt to explain why the fact that the new upgrade feels like a downgrade says more about us than the new design. Colour me unconvinced.

At 14:00 I left for a thesis tutorial with a student whose work advances by leaps and bounds. At this stage I find it impossible to tell whether this will lead to a rapid triumph or a car crash further down the highway. I kept an open mind and asked to meet again in ten days. I want to keep a close look at whether the wheels seem likely to come off or not. Miraculously, I felt inclined towards not.

At 17:00 I sat with Naa running over the maths questions she might face in her entrance exam once more. She understood everything in principle but had a little trouble bringing it to mind in rapid succession. At 16:55 I gathered up her laundry and set off home on my bike.

Passing along Vartiokyläntie I notice that the truck that parks there has changed. For a year or more the truck had a set of airbrushed images all over it of Lara Croft or some similar female warrior. A couple of weeks ago I saw another truck there and assumed that a guest had arrived. Now, however, I can see the same new truck. It also has airbrushed imagery but this time it looks somewhat more corporate or serious. I stop to photograph it, wishing that I had bothered to photograph the previous one before it vanished.

At home I will learn that the wood outside needs a second coat. I will look outside at the rapidly darkening dusk and suggest that I do it tomorrow. I will stay safely indoors and happily do three lots of ironing instead.