Saturday, October 8

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Kauppatori, 14:50


We got up late and after brunch I cycled to the metro and then walked from Rautatientori to the harbour. I had almost forgotten to visit the annual herring market, but I just made it.

As I walk along the harbour I stop to chat with Magnus Nyholm who won third prize this year for his innovative pickled herrings. He had none left: apparently they sold out by the end of Sunday evening. I walk down to Jorre and Johanna who still have a few herring left. I buy two different sorts. Jorre has begun to dismantle the canopy and I suspect that they will have left before I get home again.

At home I will paint two small chests of drawers and a small table white while the weather suddenly gets colder and colder. I left the house this morning in late summer and I will go indoors to eat in autumn.

The sky will darken, the wind will rise, and the lights will feel wintry for the first time. We will sit indoors feeling cosy while eating a pasta box made with Camilla’s lamb.