Thursday, October 13

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Hakaniemi, 12:55


I woke up tired from a long night of mental activity. At least I had some things sorted out, and I felt that the adventure might soon actually progress.

I spent the morning exploring Cloud 9, still failing to discover why gulp refuses to work. By the end of the morning I knew a lot more than I had previously but I still hadn’t actually started work on anything. I explored their educational plan and decided to join it, even though it will cost me $12 a year. I asked Nathalie if I could invoice it and she said “of course”. I then joined and discovered that they have a monthly billing period and so they intend to charge my Mastercard $1 every month. I spoke with Nathalie and she suggested that she will reimburse me in chocolates or biscuits, which will keep the accounting to a minimum.

At 12:30 I caught a tram and a metro to Hakaniemi to see John C. Fail about some plans arising from last night. Entering the courtyard of the building where Temporary lives I notice, as I always do, the avenue of rubbish bins that line the entrance like a parody of the approach to an English stately home. I pause to photograph them.

John and I spend an hour talking and then I head back to Arcada where I will learn more and still fail to actually start building the website. At 15:30 I will have a rearranged MA tutorial and after that I will race home to unleash Sunshine. I will get home just before 17:00 but the sky will already have darkened and I will decide not to let him out.

Sunshine will complain for a few minutes, I will go out to empty some waste into the compost, and he will race out as I open the door to go back in. Fortunately he will race about three metres and stop. I will walk slowly and pick him up. After that he will want to stay inside while I play with him. Time will pass.

Irma and Naa will arrive home about 20:30 from a trip to a cinema to watch the new Bridget Jones movie. Naa will pull sheets with me. I will iron and then shower before going to bed.

Tonight I will fall asleep in seconds and sleep all night.