Friday, October 14



Arcada, 12:45


This morning I posted an invitation to the first Convivial Mechanics workshop, at Pixelache in twelve days time, inspired by an invitation I received from John about the next Trashlab event. I adopted the Tony Wilson-inspired numbering system that I (literally) dreamed up in the middle of Wednesday night. This event will therefore count as viv001.

I carried on working with Cloud 9, without actually creating a website until I had a flurry of mails about Bryan’s visit here, and Liisa and my trip to Tallinn. By lunchtime I had tickets and hotels for Liisa and I and plane tickets for Bryan. I decided to have lunch downstairs because the menu included frankfurters and mash with onion sauce, and I felt like some autumnal childishness.

The light through the windows in this building changes dramatically as the weather changes and I stand watching it through the end windows. I can see a half-hidden woman downstairs photographing another woman and I watch as they change places. I photograph them because it seems fitting.

In the afternoon I will turn my attention to writing. I edit some of the text for the website, and add some references. Then I will write a piece explaining the delay in starting the first convivial cafe and email everyone with the link. I will also promise that the project will finally and irrevocably start on Monday October 24.

And so it will.

At 17:30 I will meet Irma outside the British Embassy. We will enter for ninetey minutes of fun at The Well in the Park, and that will start the weekend.