Tuesday, October 18

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Sundo, 17:00


Last Friday I started an educational account at Cloud9 and this morning began with a flurry of account creating. I made new student accounts for all the students in the CMS course, so that they all received emails thirty minutes before the class started. This was too late for the ones who like to fiddle to open their account and mess it up, and too early for those who like to delete emails without looking at them to have thrown away their welcome mail.

I spent the morning showing the students how to switch from their virtual machines to Cloud9, and how to set up Cloud9 in a way that worked for them. In the afternoon I carried on working on my site, since every issue I encountered would make it easier to solve an issue that a student will encounter tomorrow.

I then began the process of grading all the work from the summer course, Storytelling and Experience Design. I made a spreadsheet and wrote out all the criteria and scoring systems I will use.

Naa received an invitation to a modelling shoot for a Finnair commercial and so Irma drove her there. Having cycled home I look around at all the summer flowers still blooming in late autumn. I don’t think this usually happens like this. I can see flowers all around the garden, brightly coloured and standing to attention. The weather has stopped behaving normally!

Irma will arrive. I will go for a long walk. The cat will come in. I will have a shower.